Clover Takes "I Cried at Costco" on the Road, Hits Hearts in Frenchtown

Musician Clover is celebrating the release of her new song "I Cried at Costco" in a unique way: by hitting the streets of Frenchtown and asking residents, "Where is the most unexpected place you've cried?"

The response? A heartwarming wave of vulnerability. "It was incredible to connect with people so deeply on such a personal question," Clover says. "Our community is full of love and resilience, and it gives me so much hope for the future."

Responses included: 
 "In front of my landlord"
"On the side of the road"
"In a Wawa bathroom"
"On my driveway"

Clover said, "In March of 2023 I lost my mother Betty Saum, owner of Frenchtown’s Hawk + Floret - a unique store for antiques, wellness, and homegoods. That was just one month after losing my father Theo Stieve, a long time resident of Lambertville, NJ in February 2023. Processing grief became my whole world. I had never really lost anyone close to me before, even all my grandparents are still alive so the losses of both of my parents within such a short period of time shattered me. As a songwriter, songs were the safe place I turned to when documenting my experience with grief and loss."

"I only ever went to Costco with my mama. Usually to get things for big holiday dinners or special events. This was my first time at Costco alone, with my own membership, left to cope with the incredibly overwhelming nature of the place solo... well until I ran into Mary Jane, my first grade teacher." Clover said.

"We stopped in one of the aisles and began a deep conversation about how grief can consume you in the moments when you least expect it. On this day, it was a tiny glass bottle of saffron that tore me apart. On my way to my car I was already humming the first line of a new song..." Clover said.
"I cried at Costco when I saw the saffron 'cause I know you bought it the last time you went"
Clover said, "Once I got home and took it to the piano, the song poured out of me as if I were a simmering pot about to boil over:
"You said it was worth it for special occasions to spend a buck more than you'd usually spend. Now it sits in the cabinet and nobody has it 'cause how could an occasion be special without you"

"I now invite you to allow my new song "I Cried at Costco" to pour through your vessel. To be a companion for grief, love, loss, stuck emotions. Let them come to surface and boil over knowing that you are not alone." Clover said.

About Clover

Clover, a Frenchtown-based singer-songwriter, is known for her captivating vocals and soulful blend of rock, pop, and soul. Inspired by artists like Lake Street Dive, Maggie Rogers, and Florence + The Machine, she creates timeless anthems that resonate with listeners.

Catch Clover live on May 4th at The National Hotel in Frenchtown, NJ. Learn more about her music and mission on her website:

Clover Takes "I Cried at Costco" on the Road, Hits Hearts in FrenchtownPittstown NJ

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